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05 December 2015 @ 09:56 pm
[Hanako 2015.11] Travis Japan- My Tiny Paper Dolls (English)  

Hi everyone!
Lately I couldn't catch up with Travis Japan magazines TT^TT
But I downloaded one of the scans and decided to translate~
Why I choose this is because... the crosstalk this time has so many hard kanji *cries*
I'm going to have nouryokushiken tomorrow, so I think it might be a good medium to learn *I'm just running away from the text book tho* lol

Anyways, douzo!


(Scans thanks to yoshiko_mama, itsumo arigatou!)

Hanako November 2015
Travis Japan
My Tiny Paper Dolls


If Travis Japan is a kingdom, what kind of country it would become?

Shime: 'Travis Kingdom'? So cool!
Noeru: Ousama, daare!?" [t/n: lit. "Who is the king?" but in this context Noeru said it like in the ousama game]
Miya: The king should be Matchy-san (Kondo Masahiko) don't you think? If he wants to, though (laughs).
Shii: How about Travis, the origin of our group name?
Hiroki: Hm, probably he would fit better as The Black Ships, something like that (laughs).
Aran: Perry, it's Perry! (laughs) [t/n: Refer to Commodore Perry's Expedition (here). This was a part of important event in Japan's history which later led to Meiji Restoration]
Hiroki: Travis arrival to the Kingdom has developed it.

In that developing kingdom, what are the roles for each 9 of you?

Kaji: Shizuya is a person who observes his surroundings very well.
Shime: You're right. He can point out something we hardly realise by ourselves.
Miya: Although he has a wicked tongue too (laughs). [t/n: Baca: suka mencela =))]
Aran: That's what is good of him.
Myuto: He can't sugar-coat what he says.
Shii: Because, if I'm being kind and such, you guys won't listen to me!
Umin: He's the chief of police headquarter! (laughs)
Miya: Mr. Shizuya the Commissioner! So scary!
Shime: Miyachika, you'll get arrested!
Shii: ....... (smiles)
All: Wahahahaha!
Noeru: At first I was surprised by him, but after getting used to him, he's easy to understand and kind!
Miya: That's a comment from the princess of our kingdom.
Noeru: So I am a p-princess? (laughs)
Miya: Myuto-kun also looks like a princess, right?
Myuto: What the!?
Miya: The part that you're self-centered and naughty.
Myuto: Isn't there any good part of me? (laughs)
Aran: He would be the descendant of the king. Like an aristocrat.
Shime: He's respected by the juniors!
Hiroki: Having visited various places, he becomes a princess who initiates acculturation.
Noeru: Then, what about me?
Miya: Shizuya's princess.
Noeru: Why your explanation is so limited! (laughs)
Miya: You're getting along well, so it's fine, isn't it.
Hiroki: He's just like a wife, don't you think.
Shime: So he's a married woman (laughs).
Aran: He's probably a mistress! [t/n: Baca: selir =))]
Shii: No, let him be my lover.
Noeru: My position is dangerous!
Miya: Kaji would be something like public relation?
Aran: Right, he's in charge of being a diplomat.
Umin: He's like Ii Naosuke.
Kaji: I will face the Black Ships! [t/n: Ii Naosuke is also related to the aforementioned Black Ships (here)]
Miya: The trigger which made us getting along with Travis was because Kaji introduced a discount shop, after all.
Kaji: I said 'Left, go!!" (laughs)
Myuto: Even though he couldn't speak English, he talked a lot with Travis.
Kaji: Somehow it continued (laughs).
Miya: Aran is in charge of being ikemen.
Aran: Huh? I want to be Ino Tadataka.
Kaji: The person who measured Japan?
Aran: Yes, he is! [t/n: Ino Tadataka, a Japanese surveyor and cartographer (here)]
Umin: It's good to be the symbol of the kingdom as an ikemen, isn't it.
Miya: Yup. The kingdom's "face". The red circle on the kingdom's national flag would be Aran's face. [t/n: Please imagine a Japan flag with Aran's face on it lol]
Aran: Eh...
Hiroki: What do you think would be good, then?
Aran: ...Ino Tadataka.
Umin: Do you really like him that much? (laughs)
Myuto: Then, the next is Shime. Shime is like a decorative plant. He's a person who is like decorative grass, tree, space, something like that.
Shii: The kingdom's official yuru-chara (mascot).
Hiroki: A natural heritage, power spot (laughs),
Kaji: I don't get this conversation (laughs).
Umin: Shime is the Minister of Environment!
Shime: I'm healing everyone with oxygen, ne. You can't be without me!
Miya: Nakada-kun is Okinawa!
Hiroki: Stop it. Don't separate me with the kingdom!
Aran: He's an isolated island (laughs).
Miya: Well well, Nakada-kun as the prime minister would be good, isn't it? He scolded Kaji for being late.
All: Ah~~!! (laughs)
Miya: He can be strict and create the group's atmosphere. That's really a prime minister.
Kaji: Indeed, when everyone is in doubt, he can lead the right way.
Umin: Person who can sum up....... it's not like that, though (laughs).
Miya: But he can become a shield for everyone.
Hiroki: I can be a bulletproof (laughs).
Shii: About Kaito (Nakamura), I think he could be a yuru-chara! Yes, a yuru-chara.
Myuto: But, he's not loose (yurui)! He's insistent! (laughs)
Kaji: How about a firefighter? Because he can arbitrarily put out everyone's mood. [t/n: Just like a firefighter put out fire.]
Umin: Ooooi (laughs).
Myuto: Kaito can be a public relation as well.
Shime: He has relationship with various senpai, so enivous~~~
Shii: But the role would be the same with Kaji, then.
Kaji: I will be a goodwill ambassador for Travis only.
Miya: Kaito can be a symbol for peace, don't you think?
Myuto: Ah~ Like the Statue of Liberty, ne.
Umin: That's good! Nakamura the Freedom!
Miya: I want a position where I can see everyone~
Umin: Only "see"? What's your role then?
Shii: A village headman, then.
Aran: He is cheerful, so I think the sun will be okay!
Miya: Ah~ That's a really good point!
Aran: Right? (laughs)
Miya: I'm the one who nurtured Shime~
Shime: Ah, you're right. Because I'm a forest (laughs) [t/n: Because Miya is the sun while Shime is a plant = Miya grows Shime up lol]

In conclusion, the role of Matchy-senpai is?

Myuto: I think he's like MacArthur who teaches new culture to the kingdom! [t/n: (here)]
Hiroki: Shizuya's lover will welcome him. Because he's a lover who can do anything.
Noeru: You're welcome <3
Shii: We will welcome all of the citizens.

What will be the rule in the kingdom?

Miya: Everyone has to respond to the jokes!
Kaji: Don't be miserable.
Shii: Respond to the muchaburi! [t/n: Muchaburi: force someone to do something too much]
Shime: But, basically I want freedom (laughs).
Miya: And also, we have to celebrate birthdays together!
Hiroki: Most of the time we have a member's birthday once in one or one and half month, so we'll have parties all year long!

Done! Sorry for strange words =))
Comments are LOVE and wish me luck for tomorrow's test! XD

Lydiaryukeigolover on December 5th, 2015 03:49 pm (UTC)
Ahahaha! These guys are so silly XD
Thanks for translating!! Those historical references must have been confusing o.o

Also if you have the time, please check out the travis-japan community! ♥ It would be great if you ever posted there, since Travis Japan stuff is usually scattered all over the internet ^^ It's not a very active community yet, but we'd like it to become a helpful resource~
Lydiaryukeigolover on December 5th, 2015 03:51 pm (UTC)
Ah, as soon as I posted this.... I realized you already have shared in that community before, oops XD ♥
fuwa2amefuwa2ame on December 5th, 2015 04:41 pm (UTC)
Hi lydia! How are you?
Sorry for being absent for such a long time :((
Definitely I will share if I have time :D
Lydia: Keigo2ryukeigolover on December 5th, 2015 05:43 pm (UTC)
I'm great~ I've started university now, so I'm taking real Japanese classes! It makes reading scans so much easier XD ♥ How are you, mutichan??
Life is so busy ne, but I'm glad to hear from you again ^^
Thanks you! Also, you do some subbing right? I was interested in trying to sub, so I wondered what programs you use :3
Abby: Ryukokiluv25 on December 5th, 2015 05:03 pm (UTC)
Thank you for translating~!! I'm also hoping to do a TraJa crosstalk soon too, but it looks like its hard to follow them sometimes xDD Why is Ryuya a plant?? hahaha
dtt123dtt123 on December 5th, 2015 05:16 pm (UTC)
Im laughing so much with their talk, flag with Aran face? oh genius, not with my thought, shime-chan seem talk so much XD
subarunee: pic#125470170subarunee on December 5th, 2015 10:02 pm (UTC)
Pada jago sejarah yey...

Mau bilang pada baka tapi ternyata pinter juga hahahaaa..

Ada rencana translate yg lain jg Muti???

Thank you!!!
Melinda Fransiscaryomerisu on December 5th, 2015 11:24 pm (UTC)

bahaha pd pinter sejarah sm imajinasi nih... apa mksd itu miya: nakada-kun is okinawa XDDD terus umin jd symbol of peace, ga salah? x'''DDDDDDD makasih udh sharing kak Mut, tesuto ganbatte٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

ladysayori: Aran2ladysayori on December 6th, 2015 04:01 am (UTC)
I would love to hear Travis and Kaji's conversations. Hahaha omg Aran's face on the Japanese flag, hilarious but I'm ok with that!! And he really like that Ino Tadakata person hahahaha. Shime is totally okay with being a decorative plant hahaha, really a very odd being! Hiroki being Okinawa though! XD

These guys are so crazy together, I lol-ed so much with this. Thank you so much for translating!! Hope you'll pass the JLPT! :)