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19 August 2013 @ 04:21 pm
(banner thanks to my lovely bigbang_mint www)

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13 October 2016 @ 09:12 am

Hello, everyone!

I don't know if anyone missed me but anyways, long time no see!

I was lost in some RL stuff (and a bit otome games, hehe) so I rarely find chances to translate for some months.

I haven't been so updated about Travis Japan, but I love to know, so if anyone wants to have translations for some Travis Japan / Jrs crosstalks, and kind enough to share the readable scans of the crosstalks... I AM OPENING REQUESTS :D

I can't guarantee when I will finish, but I'll try as fast as I can XD

With love,
Muti :3

P.S.: Comments are so luff <3


Hi there!
I just now checked the latest scans and somehow Tera's one rly simple-but-cute, so I can't help to translate it.
I made it in Bahasa since I only have a little time, but let's see if I or someone can make it to English?

Anyways, in case you have heard, it's been decided that Tera and Shoki participated in Nakayama Yuma & Yara Tomoyuki's butai, "A NEW MUSICAL"! Congratulations! Just when I thought "It's such a long time since the last time I saw Shoki and Tera..." and suddenly this info came to my inbox, I was teary-eyed ;w;)//

This translation is presented to kokyushadowland <3

Then without further ado, douzo!

Duet_201606_20 tera
(scan thanks to yoshiko_mama)

"Padahal sampe belakangan ini kita tidur bareng lho!?"Collapse )

Comments are love <3
If many people interested in this talk, I might as well translate Reo part tho?


Hi everyone!
Lately I couldn't catch up with Travis Japan magazines TT^TT
But I downloaded one of the scans and decided to translate~
Why I choose this is because... the crosstalk this time has so many hard kanji *cries*
I'm going to have nouryokushiken tomorrow, so I think it might be a good medium to learn *I'm just running away from the text book tho* lol

Anyways, douzo!


(Scans thanks to yoshiko_mama, itsumo arigatou!)

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Done! Sorry for strange words =))
Comments are LOVE and wish me luck for tomorrow's test! XD

Hello everyone!!!
I didn't realise the last time I post something was in April lol (it's even only bcos Ka Titah birthday lol)
Many things happens, but basically I want to share some of the jrs that steal my attention recently XDDD
They have been grouped together in SC since long, but the formation with Tani and Reo mainly started this summer due to Summer Paradise (series of Sexy Zone and Ebisu concert this summer, which becomes the main topic of the talk I'm going to share here too :D)
Some Indonesia fans (I don't know whether this actually came from Japanese fans) call them Ikemen Wota lol

Now please enjoy the translation! :D

Wink Up November 2015
Welcome to Ikemen Cafe!?
Teranishi Takuto x Moritsugu Ryota x Hara Yoshitaka x Meguro Ren x Nagatsuma Reo x Tanimura Ryuichi

(Scans thanks to yoshiko_mama as usual)

What if we works as waiter in an ikemen cafe?

"Hara........ you looks like gorilla."Collapse )

Comments are LOVEEEEE :DD

Hello everyone :DD
I'm sorry this is not in English (again) :((
I'll try to find time later ne~

Notwithstandign the above, this post is dedicated to the birthday girl subarunee!
Happy birthday Ka Titah ^^ Wish you all the best!
Semoga saya ga keduluan ngepost hahaha... #gapenting #plak

Oke langsung aja ya... Douzo~

(scan thanks to yoshiko_mama)
twins x smileCollapse )

Done~~~ sekali lagi happy birthday untuk Ka Titah~
Comments are welcome :D
Hi everyone!
In WU they're featured as 9 again... HAPPY XD
This time they are supposed to talk about "what makes you grateful to become a member" but they ended up talking about bdays and who cries most... etc lol
Sharing the anigumi first!

Anw, they are so many articles I want to translate, but I hardly find time to trans articles--most of the time I try to finish after work tho--and I realise that translating in English takes more time than Bahasa Indonesia, also most of the readers are Indonesian afterall (at least the ones that commented directly in lj or twitter), that's why for this crosstalk I will pass if no one request English trans. If some ppl request I might reconsider :D

For the time being please enjoy, douzo!
P.S. Please remember that the talk is done before the PLAYZONE.

(Scans thanks to yoshiko_mama)

"Gue mau konser sama para member!"Collapse )
Done XD Lol banget Myu protes ultahnya ga dirayain... bocah banget XDDD Hiroki juga kocak XD
Comments are love <3

Hi there everyone!
I guess you already know about the latest Jrs Sat mid-nite drama?
I actually wanted to talk more but within these two days black out in my house has ruined my internet connection and I kept failing posting this like 5-6 times already, so-- #kicked
Yeah! Celebrating "Oniichan, Gacha!" I bring Oniichanzu talk from TV fans cross! Douzo!

(scans thanks to yoshiko_mama as usual <3)

TV Fan Cross Feb 2015
Oniichan, Gacha! Special: Oniichanzu Cross Talk
Nakada Hiroki x Yoshizawa Shizuya x Kajiyama Asahi x Hara Yoshitaka x Meguro Ren

"Itsudemo shineru no sa~~~"Collapse )

Done! XDDD These oniichanzu are so funny XDDD

If connection goes better I might as well as sharing the caps XDDD

I posted the crosstalk of Yuma x Traja Anigumi on the 4th while celebrating the upcoming PZ held starting from the 6th inwhich Traja would appear as 9 in it,
but then on the 5th we had really really shocking new TT^TT
Due to injury on his feet, Aran cannot participate in shows until unpredicted time limit...
I wanna cry, but no matter how frustrated the fans. the one who get disappointed the most would be Aran himself,
so as I fan we should support him, pray for him to regain his health soon TT^TT

I was planning to post otoutogumi on the 5th but I was kinda busy that day so I finalised it today! Please enjoy!

(scans thanks to yoshiko_mama)

Yuma-kun with hairband is cool!Collapse )

Done! Thanks for reading!
Comments are LOVE <3

Hello everyone!!! Happy new year 2015!!!
Wishing you a great and blessed year ahead and please keep the love for Johnnys! XD
Anyways we have things to be celebrated! \(^ ^)/

First of all... HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to Travis Japan King of Troll, the oldest member who like to fool around but always take care of the boys from the shadow, NAKADA HIROKI!!! (// >w<)//
I hope he can be succeed about campus life and JE life XD
In particular, please keep safe while participating in PLAYZONE!

And then... I guess everyone already know this right? That Travis Japan will appear in PLAYZONE '15 with 9 MEMBERS!
Celebrating the moment, I'd like to share some talks about Traja and the upcoming PZ XD
Please enjoy!

(scans thanks to yoshiko_mama)

PLAYZONE Special Cross Talk
~Let's talk about our "Road of PLAYZONE"~

Part 1: Nakayama Yuma x Travis Japan Anigumi
Kawashima Noeru x Morita Myuto x Nakada Hiroki x Shimekake Ryuya

To celebrate the upcoming "PLAYZONE '15" show held in January 2015, we have a special talk between Travis Japan Anigumi and Yuma, who have been appearing together since 2010. In this cross talk, these 5 talk about the happenings (!?) that have happened in the PLAYZONE up until now!

We often borrow and lend make up tools in the dressing room, neCollapse )

Done! Will do the otouto gumi after this XD
Comments are love <3