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01 November 2015 @ 06:19 pm
[WU 2015.11] Ikemen Wota aka. Jr Boys - Welcome to Ikemen Cafe!? (English)  
Hello everyone!!!
I didn't realise the last time I post something was in April lol (it's even only bcos Ka Titah birthday lol)
Many things happens, but basically I want to share some of the jrs that steal my attention recently XDDD
They have been grouped together in SC since long, but the formation with Tani and Reo mainly started this summer due to Summer Paradise (series of Sexy Zone and Ebisu concert this summer, which becomes the main topic of the talk I'm going to share here too :D)
Some Indonesia fans (I don't know whether this actually came from Japanese fans) call them Ikemen Wota lol

Now please enjoy the translation! :D

Wink Up November 2015
Welcome to Ikemen Cafe!?
Teranishi Takuto x Moritsugu Ryota x Hara Yoshitaka x Meguro Ren x Nagatsuma Reo x Tanimura Ryuichi

(Scans thanks to yoshiko_mama as usual)

What if we works as waiter in an ikemen cafe?

Catchphrases and Nickname
[t/n: The theme is situation if they make an ikemen cafe in school festival, so they were asked to make nickname and catchphrase like a butler cafe ww]

Tani: "Blue mental Tanimuu"
Hara: "The cafe guardian deity, Love God Yocchan"
Reo: "THe topping of your heart. Kira kira dokyun heart. Gatouma" [I think this is a pun from Gateau (cake), probably? :))]
Tera: "Aloof narcissist Terachan"
Tsugu: "Nata de Coco punipuni Kingdom, Natapuni alien Number 1 (Moritsugu)" [I'm sorry but THIS IS NONSENSE lol www. Punipuni means chewy.]

Hara: During this August we have worked so hard! It is okay if we talk about it proudly?
Megu: Why Kansai-ben so suddenly? (lol). The "Summer Paradise" concert we were participating were Sexy Zone, Kento-kun's solo, Hashimoto-kun's solo, then A.B.C-Z!
Reo: About Sexy Zone one, we even weren't told about appearing until the last moment.
Tera: That's right. The staffs suddenly asked, "Do you want to appear? Do you still remember the moves?
Tsugu: After we answered "WE WANT!" then it started to become hard and harder (lol).
Tera: Well, but at times like that there's no way we could say no, right? (lol). But all of the performances were fun~
Megu: Right! Among the performances, which song do you think was the hardest?
Tsugu: For me, it's Hashimoto-kun's "Genkai Meter".
All: Ah~~~ (agreed)
Tani: Right before that song, the numbers were full of dance. At such timing, that song!
Tera: At the end, Hashimoto-kun screamed, "Mou genkai da!!! (I'm on my limit!)" then everyone had to fall, but for we it wasn't acting (lol).
Megu: It was off the meter for real. [Genkai means limit. So Hasshi shouting and Megu's comment were like a pun lol.]
Tera: Moreover, the choreographer was Goseki-kun!
Tsugu: The choregraphs were quite Do-S (lol). The way he nail the dance inside the song is so cool!
Tera: Yes, yes. Probably he matched up the moves with some notes we didn't realize.
Hara: His count was not "One two three four" but more detailed "One and two and..."
Tsugu: THe easiest to understand was "Shower Gate" right? That song was full of Goseki-kun-ness.
Hara: You're right. And other cool thing was, Hashimoto-kun never said "So hard!!!" to such Do-S choreo, he kept learning instead.
Tera: Like he believe in Goseki-kun very much.
Tsugu: Goseki-kun was really cool. I mean, he made choreographs not only for Hashimoto-kun's solo and A.B.C-Z concert, but also for the Jrs who participate along, you know?
All: So cool~~~
Reo: It's really cool that he can come up with such many choreographs.
Tsugu: You're right. When we had chance in Jr corner, we prepared choreograph and formation by ourselves. It was even only for one song and it already felt so hard.
Megu: Moreover, he properly watched us and wrote our mistakes on a note. Like "OO would better do this in this song" and such. Then, after it finished he would tell us his opinion.
Tsugu: Yes yes. And then, when it came to Hara he would put a serious face and, "Then, Hara........ you looks like gorilla." and such (lol).
Tera: But that's the reality so nothing you can do about it, ne.
Hara: Why me!?
Tsugu: Anyway, Hara, I wonder until when you would keep that black tanktop.
Hara: Just for another month, only until early October!
Tera: But since June it's always been like that!
Megu: When Samapara ended, the staffs gave us cake and tanktop with different color. But I think the tanktop must be Hara's idea, and it was quite like a prank (lol). The staffs were grinning while giving us those.
Tsugu: Pink, red, orange, all of the colors are something you usually won't wear (lol).
Reo: Eh, but I wear it with care, as a pajama.
Tera: Ah~ pajama ne! Pink tanktop isn't something you would wear outdoor (lol).
Hara: Everyone said "Let's wear it to rehearsals." but no one wears it.
Tera: Tanktop is like a uniform in your case so it probably wouldn't feel awkward, but for us it's more or less a batsugame, you know (lol),
Reo: Also, Hara-kun, you got sunburnt from wearing tank top like that, so everyone starts to say "Hey, take off your white tanktop." (lol).
Hara: But it started to fade, you know. This is the "Niku-fest yake" I have talked about previously in Wink Up.
Megu: It's quite long-lasting.
Tsugu: I've been wondering, Tanimura usually speaks a lot, but in this kind of crosstalk he becomes quiet.
Tani: Probably you're right. When there is senpai around, I also get nervous.
Hara: When Kento-kun invited us for dinner I also thought "Tanimura doesn't speak much at times like this," but, Hashimoto-kun also invited us for dinner.
Tera: Yakiniku! It was delicious~
Hara: When a senpai invited you for dinner, there're a lot of things you need to take care as a kouhai, aren't they. Like distributing the plates, make sure everyone get the drink, and such. But these two (Tanimura & Nagatsuma) don't know at all!
Reo: It was our first time, so we ended up let the others do it (lol).
Tsugu: At first, we're talking about "We're hungry..." and then Hashimoto-kun ordered many food.
Tera: We have already eaten so many, but there were still some left. But, it's kinda rude to just leave the food, right? So we're trying hard to eat all up!
Tsugu: Yup. We ate over our limit. But, this Nagatsuma who sat right beside Hashimoto-kun, when Hashimoto-kun said, "Wanna eat more?" he just casually answered, "No, I'm already full". (lol)
Reo: (bitter laugh)
Tera: Moritsugu-kun and I were on the same table. We already screamed like devil deep inside: "YOU GUYS, EAT IT!!!" (lol)
Tsugu: Also "Serve the soup properly!!"--Eh, aren't we too detailed? (lol)
Tani: No, I also realise that we have to know such things.
Reo: I know this might sounds like an excuse, but I have tried serve the soup once, you know. But I kinda hesitate at what time I should serve it...
Tera: In the end Hashimoto-kun said, "Give it to me." and in the end he served that soup (lol).
All: You can't do that!
Reo: Weeeeelll, but it really becomes a lesson! Next time I will eat more!
Hara: Indeed, we learn something after we look to our senpai like "Ah, so that's the way to do it."
Tsugu: Right, right. But honestly, when Hashimoto-kun said "Let's close this with omurice and kare" I really wanted to say "It's already so many." (lol)
Tera: Yes. Even so, Hashimoto-kun even said, "Then, how if we order both for each of us?" (lol)
Hara: Of course we became "But one portion each is already okay, isn't it?" (lol) But well, they were delicious.
Tani: Both (omurice and kare) are delicious! This summer I have made so many memories with this member. I was so shocked that we were together like everyday (lol).
Reo: It was physically tiring, but everyday was fun.
Megu: Although we have been together so much like this, we never had a fight even once. We even have gotten closer than before, don't you think?
Tera: We also went out together in private.
Hara: And then, our relationship will go on (lol). But being busy like this makes us happy, ne.
Tsugu: I really agree. A.B.C-Z members have so many talent, so working with them makes me learn a lot.
Tera: So true. We'll work hard from now on, so that people who see us in stageplay and concert would realise "We've grown better!"

Done! They are so cute and hilarious, while on the other hand I love how they talk so passionately about their senpai :DDD anyway the parts about Haracchi's tanktop was hilarious =))

Comments are LOVEEEEE :DD

subaruneesubarunee on November 1st, 2015 11:35 am (UTC)
Thanks Mutiii~

Waktu baca nama nya Reo itu がとうーま saya kira itu dari Nagatsuma... Soalnya orang Jepang suka bilang Tu dan Tsu itu sama gitu.. Jadi saya kira itu tuh がつうーまdari ながつま orz